Grant Programs by the Nippon Foundation “Establishment of a Remote Sign Language Education System Intended to Develop Supporters for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing”
Office of Sign Language Supporter Development Project

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Programs for High School

 〇 Projects for high schools

The Office of Sign Language Supporter Development Project offers classes on Japanese Sign Language among the mock classes provided for high school students by the Gunma University Cooperative Faculty of Education.

While various schools offer hands-on encounters with sign language in classes such as the Period for Integrated Studies (elementary and junior high) or Period for Integrated Inquiry (high school), the classes offered by this project enable students to experience the study of sign language as a second language in a university format.


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 Everything You Never Knew About Japanese Sign Language

・Intended for regular high schools

・Online course via Zoom.


Japanese Sign Language, like English and other languages, is a natural language with an independent linguistic structure.

In this class, students will learn the basics of the linguistic structure of Japanese Sign Language as well as how to express questions, etc., in JSL.


Finding Differences Between Japanese Sign Language and Japanese

・Intended for high schools for the deaf.

・Online course via Zoom.

Do you ever think about the Japanese Sign Language and Japanese you use all the time? Through translation from Japanese to JSL, students will learn about the differences in expression and culture between the two languages.

Flyers for online mock classes for high schools