Grant Programs by the Nippon Foundation “Establishment of a Remote Sign Language Education System Intended to Develop Supporters for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing”
Office of Sign Language Supporter Development Project

We are aiming for establishing the system that fosters sign language interpreters at higher education institute and for developing, it available all over Japan through a remote learning system.

We need sign language interpreters who are “fluent in academic sign language.”

Training for sign language interpreters is more than ever an urgent issue, with higher expectations not only for community interpreters as heretofore but also for high-level specialists such as academic interpreters and telephone interpreters. The skills involved are also important for specialists working with the deaf and hard-of-hearing such as special education teachers and social workers. An institution of higher education will develop methods of instruction for sign language interpretation techniques based on second language acquisition theory, and create a systematic curriculum. Individual classes will be provided nationwide through a remote system.