The Nippon Foundation Project
“Professional Development for Academic Sign-Language Interpreters”

Office of Sign Language Supporter Development Project

We aim to develop the ability of sign language interpreter supporters so as to guarantee information accessibility for all learners on campus through the sign language, and also we assist the supporters to attain the sign language interpretation qualification, “Certified Sign Language Interpreter”, while studying at university.

We need sign language interpreters who are “fluent in academic sign language.”

The sign language is a means of guaranteeing two-way information accessibility. It is the most effective in discussion-type lessons. Students who are deaf or hard of hearing use the sign language as their mother tongue. They can understand it with a minimum of stress. There is a need for sign language interpreters capable of expressing prosodic factors visually through facial cues and so forth in order to enable deaf students to take part in “active lectures’ where students can participate with having understood the feelings of others.